How to embed ZealSchedule Booking Widget on Webflow Site?

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Add ZealSchedule to your website

Here is how you can integrate ZealSchedule to Webflow.

Webflow is a robust, responsive website builder. You can easily drag and drop and customize anything with zero coding skills.
It is very convenient to embed ZealSchedule on your Webflow website. All you need is to copy and paste a short piece of code.

Way-1 Copy the Code-Snippet from ZealSchedule 

  1. Sign in to your ZealSchedule account

  2. Continue to the Settings menu.

  3. Navigate to the Widgets menu

  4. Choose your preferred widget

  5. Copy the script


Embed it into your Webflow

  1. Sign in to your web flow account

  2. Open your designer 

  3. In your 'add elements' panel, find the element called 'embed.'  

  4. Double-click the element you've added to your site and paste the copied code-snippets from ZealSchedule.

  5. Publish your site


Hurray, now the ZealSchedule's button should be showing on your site!