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Tattoo Studio's Appointment Scheduling Software

When you own a Tattoo Studio, mind the details just on your creations, and leave the rest details with ZealSchedule Appointment Scheduling Software.
ZealSchedule Appointment Scheduling Software takes care of the business while busy creating beautiful memories for your clients with your ink.

Challenges Faced By Tattoo Studio

It is complicated to manage both scheduling appointments and manage clients simultaneously, due to which many Tattoo studios find it challenging to make revenue.

Maintaining Professional Website: 

  • Maintaining a tattoo studio website requires both time and money. For most Tattoo studios, it's a difficult task to keep work along with bookings and services maintenance on the website.

Expansion of Business:

  • Some Tattoo studios won't get clients daily; this stops them from growing and expanding the business. 

Lack of Communication:

  • Tattoo studios won't have a facility where clients can contact the studio after business hours. And during business hours, the Tattoo artists are usually busy and will not find time to answer the calls. 

Staff Management:

  • As both owner and a Tattoo artist, it will be harder to manage the clients and assign jobs to the staff. 

Promotion of Work:

  • Making your work reach a wider audience is tough to grind when managing multiple tasks altogether.

Here Is Why ZealSchedule Is The Best Tattoo Studio's Appointment Scheduling Software

Create an excellent tattoo studio booking site where clients can find your availability and schedule an appointment. Track your bookings, take online payments via PayPal and RazorPay and also manage various marketing campaigns

Book It In A Click 

Around 70% of online appointments are made through mobile. Get a free application with ZealSchedule and book your appointments with few clicks. If you are dealing with multiple branches, sync your customer data with our cloud-based software. We make sure that you don't miss any data. Since booking appointments online is much easier than making phone calls, you can increase your bookings by 80%.

Manage Your Schedules

Manage schedules like a pro by automating staff assigning and sending reminders to your staff and customer. It is never too late to style. Around 40% of the bookings are made after hours. With ZealSchedule, customers can book your services 24/7. Save up to 2 hours spent on administration works with ZealSchedule.

ZealSchedule-Automated Emails

Automatic Emails

Once your customer schedules the appointment for a tattoo they receive a text and email confirmation. Remainders are sent before the appointment to be on time and to minimize No-shows and consequently helping you never to lose track. ZealSchedule provides customer support through various channels like email and chat, which will help you apprehend your client's queries.

Save Your


Save an average number of hours your staff spend on booking and answering queries to improvise styling. Integrated with Zapier, google calendar, outlook calendar, Shopify, zoom, Facebook, and much more to ease your booking process and to grow your business. Send coupons, tips, tricks, and maintenance techniques via email.

What Do You Need To Grow Your Tattoo Studio Online?

All your client files, like their profile, payment history, are updated to the cloud so that you can access them at any time. List all your staff to the booking site along with their services' specialty to give your customers the choices they are looking forward to. Promote your work by conducting webinars, teaching artists, giving tips to your clients, and much more with Zoom integration. ZealSchedule offers a wide variety of features to its customers, with which they can grow and expand their business seamlessly. Increase your bookings by at least 40% with the help of the marketing tools ZealSchedule offers. Since most of the front desk work is eliminated, ZealSchedule helps you save 2 hours every day.

Frequently asked questions

Is ZealSchedule free?

Yes, ZealSchedule is free for a single user. At the end of your 7-day trial fully-featured trial, you’ll be automatically downgraded to the free plan. Should you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so from the billing page at any point during or after your trial.

Can my customers reschedule their appointment?

Yes, either you or your client can reschedule the appointment, and an automated notification is sent with updated details.

Can staff synchronize the booking into their google calendar?

Yes, your staff can avoid overlapping bookings by aligning all of your calendar entries and blocking the slots.

Can I assign roles to my team?

Yes, with the role based access control feature of ZealSchedule, you can facilitate faster and restrict access based on your organization's individual users' roles.

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