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The Best Spa & Salon Scheduling Software

ZealSchedule spares most of your time by automating your tasks and organizing your business in a better way. Let us exfoliate all your manual process of booking and scheduling customers.

Massage Takes More Than 50minutes
Manicure Takes More Than 30 minutes
Pedicure Takes
More Than 30minutes

Setting up ZealSchedule Less Than 10 minutes.

In a few clicks, you could cover more potential clients, create reservation schedules with multiple calendars in minutes, and integrate the schedule widget with your existing website.

Zen Mode ON

With ZealSchedule on, you can focus only on the customer's service while ZealSchedule handles all bookings and scheduling from the back. It's time for you to sit back and relax while ZealSchedule does the work for you.

Here's Why ZealSchedule Is The Best Spa And Salon Scheduler

1.Easy online bookings across time zones
2.Automated reminders to Fitness Consultants and Clients
3.Better Staff and Time management
4.Automatic Reports and Dashboards for your business insights
5.Integration with 1500+ tools 

Everyone likes pampering 

Either you or your customer, everyone do like pampering. Using ZealSchedule, create a customized and responsive website listing down all your details.

  • Working hours

  • Services offered 

  • Staff list, etc.

Once done with this setup, ZealSchedule will pamper you by taking care of all the bookings and scheduling your clients to their favourite therapist at their convenience. 
If you already own a website, ZealSchedule wraps in uniformly with your site.

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