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Conference Room Appointment Scheduling Software

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Book Conference Meeting Rooms with ease and organize your meetings effectively using ZealSchedule.

Critical Challenges In Booking A Conference Room

Business Holders have appointments and schedules almost every day, But to meet, they have to book meeting rooms and schedule these too. To find their perfect suitable slot and place for meetings and appointments, they go through many challenges:

Manual Bookings of Conference Rooms: A lot of time gets wasted to find the solution manually, keeping all your competitors in mind. And they also have to schedule manual reminders to avoid no-shows. Find How ZealSchedule Automates Everything.

Less Synchronized Business Relationships: When you waste a lot of time at the front desk, you don't get enough time to maintain a good interaction, which affects the business drastically.

Booking from anywhere: Business Holders might find it challenging to book every appointment manually as it includes lots of calls, browsing, and chats to find a perfect place and time for their conference.

Accept Online Payments

ZealSchedule allows integrations with various payment gateways like PayPal, Razor-Pay, Stripe, Ideal, and Square, enabling you to receive payments from your clients when booking an appointment from your booking site. ZealSchedule offers most of the features one can expect for the money they pay.

Sync Your Calendar

Get rid of your spreadsheets and paperwork with ZealSchedule. It provides a calendar that automatically syncs with your schedules and appointments. ZealSchedule helps you engage with your customers remotely from any location as it is also available as a mobile application.

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Improve Brand Popularity:

We help you list your business on Google, which will make you visible to the potential people looking for a Consultant. ZealSchedule takes supervision of most of the manual work done at the Front Desk, thereby cutting your costs & increasing your profits.

Performance Check

ZealSchedule generates useful billing reports to discuss business decisions and accept registration 24/7 with our robust software to increase the cash flow. ZealSchedule offers email and lives chat support.

Here Is Why ZealSchedule Is The Best Conference Room Scheduling Software

ZealSchedule is an online platform that provides you services for scheduling meeting rooms, which comes with integrated features such as secured payment gateway, team management, etc. It is also available as a mobile app.