Dwell on the beauty of ZealSchedule - #TheFABfeatures

"To make is a process. To enhance is a journey" - Faiz, Co-founder ZealSchedule

Introducing the FAB features:

If your calendar is chaotic with all the appointments and your mind is crowded with all the details related to the meetings, don't worry, we got you. With the FAB-ulous features of ZealSchedule, organize your calendars and fix your appointments while making them more responsive and personalized.

Like icing on an already delicious cake, the FAB features make your appointment scheduling more functional.

Flexible bookings ‑ to give your customers the freedom to choose their time frame.

Add-on for a service ‑ make your service more attractive with add-ons.

Booking interval- to take a break and to get ready for your next appointment.

Freedom to choose the appointment timings:

Give your customers the freedom to choose the time frame of their choice and requirement.

If your customer wants to book an appointment between two calendar days, it isn't effective in choosing all the slots available between the required period. It is both tedious and unappealing for the customer. Solve this by adding the FLEXIBLE BOOKING feature in ZealSchedule and let the customers decide the time interval for the meeting at their convenience. It is a win-win for both you and your customer.

To reduce the complications between switching from normal mode to flexible booking mode, it is made mandatory for the service once enabled.

Make your services more featured with add-ons:

Now let's add a few more Choco-chips for that lovely cake with service-add-ons.

Most services come with a featured add-on that could be free or paid. Just like how extra cheese in our burgers makes it more delicious, and a pedicure for a facial makes us happier and satisfied, the add-ons play an essential role in making your service stand out from the crowd.

To satisfy all the use cases, ZealSchedule provides two types of payment methods for the add-ons – dynamic payment that depends on the duration of booking of the service and fixed price, independent of the booking duration.

Adding that cherry on top of the cake, service add-ons would be great for establishing a new service among your customers.

Take a chill pill between your appointments :

Just like how whipped cream is essential for glazing your cake, breaks between appointments are necessary to have neatly organized meetings.

Successive meetings become tiring and exhausting. Take breaks between your appointments to prepare for your next meeting or freshen up your mind. The booking intervals feature would be an asset for your business as it makes appointments neater and organized as the overlapping of appointments is out of the case.

Henceforth these new feature updates, ZealSchedule, becomes ideal and appropriate to fit into all the services of your business while increasing your productivity and providing security to your data. Upgrade to the cake plan of ZealSchedule to experience all these toppings and serve your customers with a fully garnished delicious cake.

Give it a try, and do let us know your thoughts as feedback via support. Stay healthy! Happy Scheduling!

#Co-writer: Harini - Digital Marketing Associate, ZealSchedule

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