Tailorize your scheduling with Add-Ons

ZealSchedule Appointment Scheduling Software has brought to you additional and customized feature Add-Ons for existing services. Charge extra or stay at the same price, it’s all up to you.

Add-ons offer choices to your customers, add value to your services, find extra business opportunities, and help you make most of it. Adding a free add-on makes your customer’s experience better and acts as a glue to stick to your services. Which is no harm for you, as your most important goal is to retain and gain more customers like this, and once you know their taste, they are all yours.

Create as many Add-Ons you want based on the client’s requirements, add or remove from the services. For example, if you own an Online Medical Consultation and you know that your clients might be interested in some Add-Ons to the services such as Additional Health Care Advice, Physical or Mental Counselling, Medical Assistance, Some Effective Home Remedies, Diet Chart, etc.

This information is stored in our secure cloud service, which you can access from any device around the world. As an admin, you can click on the Add-On section, state the Name and Description, and make it free or paid.

Set the addon mandatory by a toggle switch. You can also set the addon's price to be a base/dynamic price where the price of the add-on changes dynamically depending on the number of slots booked if the Addon is marked as dynamic, unlike the base price, which remains constant of the number of slots reserved.

Give it a try, and let us know your thoughts as feedback via support. Stay healthy!

Happy Scheduling!

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