Introducing ZealSchedule On-Premise & Hybrid Apps

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

With rising demand for healthcare and related fields required to comply with storing data locally and enabling them to access over the cloud, ZealSchedule has developed a strategy to store data completely locally and access them over the cloud. Thanks to Cloudflare ⛅, technology and authentication mechanism can completely help you to connect any on-premise application instantly.

Features and Benefits

Hereby one can leverage the best of both worlds in terms of security and accessibility,

1. Host the entire scheduling app locally and safe data storage

2. Accelerate Web and API access over the internet without worrying about authentication

3. Set Application-level business hours and cut off time

4. Setup user-level authentication for accessing the Web & API

With these in mind, ZealSchedule is ready to set go and deploy in few minutes on customer on-premise environment. For more details, feel free to contact us or talk to an expert now.

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