Introducing Break Time Between Appointment Bookings

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Any services which are rendered to the customers or end-users may require a buffer time between appointments which helps the host to make themselves ready. This COVID-19 pandemic is no exception to this, as many staff within the organization may need some buffer time to clean or sanitize the properties or things which helps to serve clean, and undoubtful service to the customers and respect the government regulations.

Today, ZealSchedule is rolling out a new feature called break time between appointments which is customizable for each and every service. Once configured, the appointment slots are generated and balanced by introducing periodic breaks between the appointments. Thus, this creates a good balance between staff members and customers by providing excellent and safe service.

Open the Scheduling dashboard by clicking here,

  1. Click on Services

  2. Choose the service which you would like to add break time between the appointments

  3. Click and choose Booking Interval with preferred interval time (in minutes)

  4. Hit Save and now refresh the booking page for the magic 🎉

Give it a try and do let us know your thoughts as feedback via support. Share is care and stay healthy!

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