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These days Instagram is a trendy social media platform. Users can share photos or video posts; temporary Stories that live on your profile for 24 hours; Reels, which are 15-second-max short-form videos; IGTV videos, and can even shop directly from e-commerce brands through the app. First, you need to create an Instagram business account linked to a Facebook account to market your services and drive valuable insights. Similar to business plans, social media websites also require a proper strategy to grow.

Here are 11 essential tips to Grow your Yoga Studio Business on Instagram:

1. Recognize Your Audience

It is said that “Your vibe attracts your tribe,” which gives you the perfect example that only the audience interested in investing time or money for your services will be your followers. Hence it is essential to observe your fellow competitors and seek their followers’ attention through your quality content.

Considering age or gender-biased strategy also promises a good crowd on your Instagram page. It depends on how insightfully you look at it.

2. Set Goals

Setting a goal is very important for expanding your potential followers. Research says One Billion+ users get active on Instagram every month, where 67% are millennials. Targeting them is more accessible as many millennials get tired of their jobs and need refreshments like Yoga and Gym activities.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also given rise to social media platforms like these, where people are not just working from home but also working out from home. And online activities like these influence more and more people to join these clans.

Hence, while you start a Yoga Business Marketing on Instagram, your short-term goal might be to interact with more people like these to promote and make more usage of your services. After successfully establishing an Instagram business, you can start widening your network and focusing on being a Instagram yoga influencer.

3. Define Your Niche

It’s essential to showcase your business areas on your Instagram to gain more leads. And with that you need to remember variation in services is necessary to attract more customers as it’s quoted:

“Understanding variation is the key to success in quality and business.”

Include services like Zumba Dance, Pilates to give your customers a better and different experience than other regular yoga studio services.

4. Drive Traffic to your Account

It’s important to understand when to promote your business. Before looking forward to paid promotion, make sure you have reached the most reachable of your networks and posted enough content to lead on new customers. After that, start paid promotion of your work on Instagram by looking at your Instagram insights of posts, select your goal(getting more messages: to encourage potential services, or more profile visits: to showcase your portfolio of services ), then set target audience(automatic Instagram promotions or to reach out in a manual way to the targeted audience such as filtered by locations, gender, interests, age, etc. to reach out specific audience) after that select your budget and duration of the promotion, and you are all set to go.

5. Regular, Limited, and Idealized Updates

Keep your users posted about your services regularly. Always remember to publish only the required and quality content to keep your customers in your ring. Keep posting Instagram stories for upcoming updates or any new valuable information to your customers. To engage your customers and make your page enjoyable, use Instagram story poles, ask for their suggestions, etc.

6. # - HashtagsAreImportant

Hashtags not only categories your post but also helps to reach out to a broader audience and targets your selected clan. So while posting content, remember how to use hashtags wisely.

7. Scheduled Sneak Peeks

When you launch some of your new services, publishing sneak peeks always helps keep your customers engaged and interested in knowing more about it. Posting a short video makes them curious and also takes the attention of new users to your page. Research also proves that short videos are shared more than any other post on Instagram.

8. Gain Customers from similar accounts

Follow the fellow accounts to reach out to their audience and make more potential customers for your services.

9. Improve efficiency

Reduce the number of clicks for scheduling an appointment with your clients. Without a second thought, your clients can schedule appointments right ur post/account using a sharable calendar link. While you sell your services on Instagram, remember that a reliable and intelligent booking solution for your Yoga Studio Business such as ZealScehdule Appointment Scheduling Software will be a win-win. At the same time, you forecast your services because it manages your booking needs and reduces your front desk work in more automated ways. Integrate the Book Now plugin on your Instagram Business Account, and your users can schedule appointments directly from your Instagram.

10. Follow the right prospects

Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to follow more than 7500 accounts, so make sure you follow trustworthy and potential leads or customers, who also promise a better promotion of your services.

11. Collaboration

Collaboration with similar or even complimentary accounts will help you gain more followers and more consumers for your services.

These are few strategies to help you sell your services on Instagram. Unlike any other marketing channel, Instagram has become a marketing platform full of useful strategies with a twist of entertainment, connecting more customers to your business. All you need to do is take their attention to your services through interactive promotions on Instagram.

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#Co-writer: Aparna - Digital Marketing Strategist, ZealSchedule

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