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How to Support K-12 Blended Learning with Appointment Scheduling Software

K-12 blended learning has the potential to drastically alter the educational experience of many students across the world. The online classroom is a gateway to top-notch education with the best teachers and materials on an international level. Meanwhile, the brick-and-mortar school provides in-person instruction and instant access to faculty, physical resources, campus facilities, and counseling and healthcare services.

The level to which K-12 blended learning has been embraced differs from country to country according to aspects like economic status, government assistance, infrastructure, internet access, and population, among others.

Notable countries that have sustained remote learning experience include the US, South Korea, Singapore, and Bangladesh, which all have their own unique approach and practices to maintain the shift as per EdTechHub.

Upon reviewing the state of international blended learning, an apparent need for online classroom management tools emerge. One of the most useful tools for a smooth hybrid learning experience is appointment scheduling software.

Here are 5 ways to support blended learning with the platform.

Automate scheduling

Be it an online class, test, parent conference, consultation, webinar or seminar, an appointment scheduling solution has the right tools to fulfill the scheduling demands of a hybrid learning landscape.

Without a doubt, scheduling is one of the most daunting parts of classroom management in the online environment. Overseeing offline aspects are equally challenging as well.

Let’s take a look at this concrete example. A school has 300 students. To help them ease in their blended learning environment, it’s mandatory to attend an orientation at school; however, each orientation can only accommodate 20 students per session.

Scheduling this manually is time-consuming, especially if there are plenty of sessions at the start of each semester.

Likewise, if a teacher wants to virtually conduct individual coaching with each student, it can be chaotic to set appointments and personally ask each student for their preferred or available times, especially if it’s a large class.

Efficiency lies at the core of many online classroom management tips. To implement this in such cases, turn to web scheduling with appointment scheduling software.

Using the platform, administrators or instructors can establish schedules for the session, coaching or any other educational engagement. They can define date and time as well as the number of pupils they can accommodate per meeting. There are plenty of other options for setting up schedules that users can explore and utilize in their system.

Then, students are provided a link to sign up for the session. At the end of the day, hours worth of manual labor can be done in mere minutes. Administrators and instructors only need to refer to or print schedule sheets prior to each engagement to stay in check.

Here are some appointment scheduling software examples to get you started.

Students apply their preferences

With appointment scheduling software, students are not only limited to selecting their available dates and times. They can also choose the staff they wish to meet with.

For instance, a student needs special tutoring in a particular subject for a competition. They can pick an instructor whom they think is best to guide them in this endeavor, even those who teach above their current year level.

Likewise, a pupil who might need remedial classes can be comfortable taking them with a teacher they feel comfortable with. After all, each instructor has a different teaching approach.

Implementing a remedial class option with a list of instructors allows students to keep up with the rest of the class at their own pace and by the learning method that best suits them.

Automate reminders

Worried that an upcoming test might slip from your student’s mind? Noticing a student missing weekly online consultations? Does one pupil keep arriving late for an online class?

When it comes to schedules, one of the best online classroom management tips cover frequent reminders to students about what’s on their calendar. You want your students to attend your sessions and to be there promptly, especially with survey results showing tardiness as the biggest meeting taboo across every generation in every industry.

However, that can be difficult and tedious to do for both large and small scale classes.

Since blended learning best practices recommend the implementation of an appointment scheduling software, why not make use of it to remind your students about their obligations?

You can utilize the platform to send automated reminders and appointment confirmations to students via email or SMS to ensure nothing falls between the cracks. In fact, it’s one of the best features we offer here at ZealSchedule.

Integrate with other online classroom management tools

An appointment scheduling software can take care of classroom management in the online environment along with a slew of different applications.

For instance, here at ZealSchedule, you can implement blended learning best practices with our software and over a thousand other platforms such as Zoom, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Office.

You can send automated reminders about appointments, relish in seamless virtual online classes and video conferences, and collaborate with co-teachers and students, among many other capabilities.

Discover resources on blended learning best practices

Most appointment scheduling software providers have a wide array of resources for various industries ready at their disposal. We’re sure you can find some materials on how to best use online classroom management tools to improve you and your students’ blended learning experience.

Appointment scheduling software dedicated to education might even have online classroom management tips that go beyond implementing new tech.

Education is a sphere that constantly evolves as researchers and professionals discover more effective ways to teach and reach students, so take this as an opportunity to break free from outdated and ineffective instruction and assessment methods.

A better learning experience

Get ready to never have to say “what time works for you again” or “how does next week look in your calendar” when you incorporate appointment scheduling software to your school’s hybrid learning.

Organize your schedule and your students by allowing the latter to book, reschedule and cancel their appointments. Have them fill out forms so that you know everything about them and the purpose of your meeting before you come across each other onscreen or face-to-face.

Count on your platform’s ability to deliver reminders to keep students prompt. With an appointment scheduling software handling classroom management in the online environment, all students have to do is show up at the right place at the right time.

Most importantly, teachers are given more time to focus on more integral aspects that contribute to students' learning and growth.

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