Collect an ocean of information from your customers using ZealSchedule's custom field feature.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Collect as much information you want from your customers upon booking an appointment.

ZealSchedule introduces the Custom Fields feature, which allows you to modify your intake form and gives you complete authority over the information you want to collect from your customers.

You can create as many custom fields as you want and mark them mandatory or keep them optional. For example, if you're a Doctor, you can ask your customers questions such as are you allergic to any of the drugs and give them a list of options like Sulpher or Zinc, or make the field rich text for them to type.

This information is stored in our secure cloud service, which you can access from any device around the world. As a admin, you can click on the bookings section and see the custom field information under the additional information tab for the booking made.

Enable the custom fields in just three simple steps,

Step 1: Navigate to the Service menu and choose the service you would like to add a custom field.

Step 2: Scroll down to the custom filed section and add the fields of your choice

Step 3: Click on update the service. Hurray! You have successfully added custom fields to your service.

Give it a try, and do let us know your thoughts as feedback via support. Stay healthy! Happy Scheduling!

#Co-writer: Aparna - Digital Marketing Associate, ZealSchedule

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