• Shivasurya

Calling out for Partnership with ZealSchedule 🤝

The modern finance-driven economy has created numerous opportunities and specialization in many fields. This has completely created numerous islands of specialization and stopped creating generalization at least in my perspective. As bringing the gap between two specializations,

Today, ZealSchedule 📅 is announcing an official partnership program 🤝 with Agencies, Developers, Medical units, or any fields that require to integrate with appointment scheduling software and start accepting bookings.

Partnership Benefits & Resource

As a business, We always wanted to create a long-lasting relationship with our partners bringing in both value and monetary benefits. Hereby, We would like to share the revenue with our partners who are able to bring in customers to zealschedule ranging from 5 - 15% on payment subscription month-on-month directly to your bank account. We wanted to be your next dividend income in your pocket 😊😎 and as long as ZealSchedule grows and partnership gets stronger, our dividends will always follow your bank accounts 💵💰.

As a partner referral program, We could assist you in all possible ways in helping you to integrate your application with ZealSchedule in no time. Note that we don't oversell and undersell our value proposition beyond the applicable use-cases.

We're so much excited to see what you're building with ZealSchedule 🏗. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support.

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