Book appointments between any two calendar dates - #FlexibleBooking

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to let your customers book an appointment flexibly at their convenience between any two calendar dates?

Meet Johan. He operates a creative workspace and would like his customers to book an appointment between 10th of July, 9 pm until the next day, 11th of July, 10 am, indeed two calendar dates.

With his existing solution, his customer had to book two different appointments to reserve a slot between two calendar dates, which in turn increased no-shows. Access the best guide for appointment scheduling software.

ZealSchedule's flexible booking feature lets your customers make a booking between any two calendar dates in just a few clicks, thereby optimizing your customer onboarding process by 30%.

To enable flexible booking:

  • Navigate to the Service menu and choose the service you would like to serve as a flexible booking.

  • Scroll down to the service booking details and enable flexible booking. Remember service once a flexible service always remains a flexible service.

  • Define the minimum booking duration for service and click on update the service.

Hurray! You have successfully created your first flexible service.

Give it a try, and do let us know your thoughts as feedback via support.

Stay healthy! Happy Scheduling!

#Co-writer: Aparna - Digital Marketing Associate, ZealSchedule

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