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The Best Pet Clinic Management Software:

If you own a pet store, you have got our back. Serving lots of services with busy schedules gives you less time to expand your market and connect to your clients regularly. With ZealSchedule, you get services such as making fast online appointments and payments with your clients, automatic renewal of services just in some simple steps, automatic email and SMS reminders for clinic visits and vaccine schedules. 

With our automated services, you as a service provider gets more time to analyze consolidated data extracted with monthly reports and dashboards. You know where to improve, what your clients need, make your services smarter with integrated tools and manage everything effectively.
Make note of your staff efforts, their productive hours and their schedules, divide them for your specific services and manage everything effortlessly. All you need is data to analyze to keeping the smooth workflow of your organization.

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Pink and Cream Social Media Technology P
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ZealSchedule will keep track of all your client’s scheduled visits, vaccination routines for your client's pets and sends automated reminders by SMS and emails prior to the booking. Along with that, you will also get reminders to avoid client no shows.

Why ZealSchedule Is The Best Pet Clinic Management Software
  1. Pick your Favourites & Templates: Choose from a vast range of templates or customize the templates the way you want to send Treatment Plans, reports to patients either through emails or SMS.

  2. Automated Reminder: ZealSchedule automatically sends emails and SMS reminders to your patients on their appointment schedule through automated SMS and Email reminders.

  3. Advance Billing: Your patient can quickly pay online through credit or debit cards before they come for an appointment.

  4. Doctors Appointment Tracking: Easily determine the number of appointments scheduled for each of the doctors.

  5. Integrate with 1500+ apps: Choose the application that best suits your businesses, and ZealSchedule will easily blend with it.

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As far as pets become more like a family member, they require that care too. So let’s not stop with ZealSchedule by just serving what the clients need, connect with them to know what else they want, let them know the special offers and services they can avail and take your clients’ feedback to helps you serve the next customer. 
Communication is always key in any relationship, so never stop communicating through ZealSchedule.

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