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The Best Online Tutoring Software

ZealSchedule enables tutors to manage classes online, accept payment and send reminders. As a tutor, you can conduct lively studies, promote virtual classrooms and increase businesses with the best integrations, giving your business more branches to grow and enhance your brand value.

Save your time with online scheduling rather than the conventional manner and utilize it to create your reputation and skills. Retain and attract students who require support. Sell white-labeled online courses with the best integrating tools available with ZealSchedule. Increase sales and give more directions to fulfill the demands of the market you target.

Unity in Diversity

If you are serving across the globe, we got you covered. Your staff doesn't have to hustle with language variations as we operate in the language you speak. Offering multilingual services might be a difficult task, but not anymore with ZealSchedule. 

Online Consultation

Tutoring businesses have their consultation needs regardless of simple, fast, and online bookings. Showcasing all the website services is adequate, but clients' satisfaction is also ZealSchedule's prime goal. Hence, you can provide private consultations to your students or their parent about the offered services and consult their tutors' expectations. 

All In One Tutoring Software

One to one, one to many, or creating self-learning courses, ZealSchedule allows you to collaborate, learn and grow. It personalizes virtual classrooms accordingly to make your students comfortable.

Integrated Virtual Classroom

ZealSchedule offers you smartly integrated virtual classrooms with audio-video, chat room, whiteboard, screen sharing, and file-sharing options with set security parameters. You can keep seamless track of invitees and attendees as a tutor.

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Extensive Cloud Storage

Store unlimited student details in the secure cloud database system.

Attendance Management

Integrate with various 3rd applications, and record attendance of the students.

Online class scheduling

Schedule unlimited appointments online with your students forever.

Increase Revenue  

Take appointments 24/7 and accept payments online, thus increasing your bookings by 37%.

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Frequently asked questions

Is ZealSchedule free?

Yes, ZealSchedule is free for a single user. At the end of your 7-day trial fully-featured trial, you’ll be automatically downgraded to the free plan. Should you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so from the billing page at any point during or after your trial.

Can my students reschedule their classes?

Yes, either you or your student can reschedule the appointment, and an automated notification is sent with updated details.

Can staff synchronize the booking into their google calendar?

Yes, your staff can avoid overlapping bookings by aligning all of your calendar entries and blocking the slots.

Can I assign roles to my team?

Yes, with the role based access control feature of ZealSchedule, you can facilitate faster and restrict access based on your organization's individual users' roles.