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Home Cleaning Appointment Scheduling Software

ZealSchedule provides you a smooth appointment scheduling software for home and residential cleaning service providers. With the great demand for cleaning services, companies are migrating online for the office working people to schedule their cleaning. 

Challenges Faced By Home Cleaning Service Providers

As a home cleaning service provider, don't let your client sacrifice their one free day, schedule appointments with back and forth emails and calls, Enable your customers to spend their time relaxing with their family. ZealSchedule will make it easy for your customers to opt for their preferred time for all your house cleaning requirements, and you win the name of the best home cleaning service provider. As a cleaning service provider, you have to:

  • Schedule your services and close the booking before your convenient time to dispatch your team on time.

  • Paperworks to handle schedules.

  • To guarantee maximum functionality of your staff.

  • To send reminders and keep track of your customers.

  • Manage and assure secure transactions.

Here's Why You Need A Cleaning Services Software

ZealSchedule is a cloud-based service that provides you a user-friendly cleaning management software by supporting 1500+ integrates to enhance your business with enrolments and your profits!

ZealSchedule Appointment Scheduling Software

Calendar Administration

Automatically organizes your Legal appointments and added into your google calendar on set a time. You can withdraw using the traditional methods of spreadsheets and paperwork to schedule your tasks.

Active Notifications

Once your customer makes a booking, you and your customer receive a reminder of the appointment. Get Notified when your customer reschedules an appointment. Indeed a notification is also sent to your customer if you reschedule the meeting.

Book From You Pocket

You can engage your employees when they want, and from wherever they are, the compatible mobile app lets them schedule appointments remotely. Unable your customer to schedule appointments for the service you provide from anywhere.

Increase Revenue  

Take appointments 24/7 and accept payments online, thus increasing your bookings by 37%. ZealSchedule minimal booking site saves much time by scheduling slots correctly so that it increases your sales.

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Frequently asked questions

Is ZealSchedule free?

Yes, ZealSchedule is free for a single user. At the end of your 7-day trial fully-featured trial, you’ll be automatically downgraded to the free plan. Should you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so from the billing page at any point during or after your trial.

Can my customers reschedule their appointment?

Yes, either you or your client can reschedule the appointment, and an automated notification is sent with updated details.

Can staff synchronize the booking into their google calendar?

Yes, your staff can avoid overlapping bookings by aligning all of your calendar entries and blocking the slots.

Can I assign roles to my team?

Yes, with the role based access control feature of ZealSchedule, you can facilitate faster and restrict access based on your organization's individual users' roles.