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8 Tips For Making the Best Out of Online Education

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” - Charles Darwin


We are living in a world that is embracing changes, none like before. Each day a new invention is made to make our life simpler and easier. Digitalization is at its peak in all domains, including the education sector. Unlike the past two decades, educational institutions now focus on educating people at their comfort by bringing in methods to provide quality education to them remotely. With appointment scheduling software like ZealSchedule, you could not only book appointments but also manage your entire online education process effortlessly.

Recent studies indicate that one-third of all students are taking online classes. According to the educationist Wang Tao,

“The integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated, and that online education will eventually become an integral component of school education.”

As said, online education will be a huge part of education with or without the pandemic. It is crucial to utilize the best resources possible for optimizing your online education. Here in this blog, let’s check out the problems faced and the solutions offered by ZealSchedule to overcome those.

The Glitch in The Matrix:

“Any new habit takes time to adapt and to practice.” Though learning through online mediums has been practiced for a long time, its usage has only been boosted during the 2020 pandemic. To make your students and your staff adapt to the change with no confusion, choose a platform that is easier to manage for the administrators and simpler to use for the students.

Communication is the key to know about your student’s understanding of the subject. Even in online mode, there should be no compromisation on letting your students clarify their doubts. The medium for conducting online education should support communications between the staff and the student.

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8 Tips For Making the Best Out of Online Education

Using social media platforms like WhatsApp for sharing your meeting details and study materials is unprofessional. So it is essential to have a platform that provides you with the proper medium to share meeting links, information on the meeting, and study materials.

There are more chances of missing out on classes online, as it would be difficult to remember the schedule. So the platform should offer the facility of sending automatic reminders to the students before classes.

Scheduling Made Easy

ZealSchedule - The Solution to All Your Online Education Problem:

  1. With ZealSchedule, your students can book classes at their convenient time while also checking your availability. As classes are often conducted in groups, you can also enable group booking, allowing students to choose from the available slots. The number of students per slot is maintained by specifying the maximum number of bookings in a group.

  2. If there is a repetition of classes periodically, it isn’t efficient and effective to book classes separately each day. The recurring booking feature allows your students to repeat the bookings periodically, making scheduling classes more organized.

  3. ZealSchedule allows you to share your study material, reference videos, and other required materials on your booking page itself. Having everything under one single roof makes your institution more systematic and structured.

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8 Tips For Making the Best Out of Online Education

4.  Share the class links to the students who have enrolled on the booking page itself. With this, the tedious job of manually sending each of your participants the link is cut down.

5. Collect payments right after your booking. ZealSchedule provides payment gateways like - Stripe, Square, Paypal, and RazorPay.

6. Send automatic reminders to your staff and the students before meetings with white-labeled emailing. Rescheduling of classes is made as simple as liking a blog post. All it takes is a single click.

7. Give personalized learning for your students by knowing about their interests in the subject. Get additional information through the custom fields feature.

8. Onboarding of your employees(staff) is made simple. Learn more about the onboarding of employees here. Add new staff into your organization effortlessly.

With ZealSchedule, you could go above and beyond with bookings. Upgrade to the cake plan to customize and fit all your requirements. Choose the best and provide the best by using ZealSchedule.

We wish you all the very best in your business endeavors