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Is Custom Felds Really Required for an Appointment Scheduling Software?

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Information and data are used interchangeably but are two different terms. What makes data into information is the logical connection it has with the requirement. But imagine what will happen when someone chooses to collect the information regarding our appointment without having a speck of knowledge about us. Wouldn't it lead to an improper collection of crucial information?

This brings in the need for service providers to customize their fields for appointment scheduling. One of the essential characteristics of a Best appointment scheduling software is giving the service providers a significant hold in the booking process. With Zealschedule the custom fields feature lets customers self customize the information to be collected from their schedulers when booking an appointment.

After reading this blog, we hope you understand the necessity of custom fields in each industry more efficiently.

Here are few examples of how custom fields are required in small and medium scale  businesses:

Custom fields in appointment bookings for freelancers:

Freelancers are people with creative skill sets who work at their flexible time and on a contract basis. But being self-employed, they require to know their requirements well ahead. It involves people from highly varying disciplines, and hence the information each one needs vary. Therefore, by utilizing the custom field feature, a freelancer might collect the required information and prepare for the meeting. The lack of this feature might lead to technical errors from the freelancer's side.

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Is Custom Felds Really Required for an Appointment Scheduling Software?

Custom fields in gym appointment bookings

Take care of your body Its the only place you have to live" - Jim Rohn.

Each person has a unique physique; hence the fitness routine varies between each individual. The fitness routine is categorized based on body types and medical history. There is a threshold beyond which people can never push themselves to do the workout, and people with certain comorbidities are not supposed to do specific fitness programs. The responsibility of knowing all the details and assigning a fitness regime to the trainee. Here is where custom fields come into play: they help the trainer properly understand the trainee's goals and conditions, thereby helping them plan the trainee's fitness routine.

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Custom fields in saloon appointment bookings

People have grown to be phobic of crowded places during the pandemic, fearing the virus's spread. Saloons are crowded most of the time and can act as a significant source of spreading the virus. Grooming, one of our essential priorities, can never be avoided, so scheduling saloon appointments is vital.

Saloon owners can use custom fields to check which stylist they prefer and any allergies related to the cosmetics or creams.

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Is Custom Felds Really Required for an Appointment Scheduling Software?

Custom fields in Educational institutions

Education is a field where custom fields are most required. Each student has a different requirement, and special care must be given based on their capacity. This feature can be used to know their level of understanding of a subject and the frequency of the class.

Custom fields in institutions like Hospitals.

Medicine is a vast field with thousands of procedures! How can we bring this ocean of procedures into a small set of a questionnaire? That's where custom fields like in Zealschedule play a significant part, and they let the practitioner customize the information they want to collect. For example, doctors must know if their patients are allergic to particular compounds or if they have any preconditions to prescribe the perfect medicine or even to access the cause behind their discomfort. Now an issue pops up, certain questions might be irrelevant to certain people, so what do we do now? In that case, the practitioners can keep only the common questions mandatory and keep the rest optional.

As we have discussed above, custom fields are essential for small and medium businesses. And having such a feature would help the service providers give the exact requirements of their customers.