Freelancers' Appointment Scheduling Software

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Freelancer's Appointment Scheduling Software

Hiring managers are not just about managing your tasks and schedules; instead, it comes with many responsibilities to manage even their plans, which is replaceable with ZealSchedule.
ZealSchedule, Appointment Scheduling Software works as your full-time manager to manage appointments, schedules, syncs calendars with clients' bookings with smart and automated features. 

Critical Challenges Faced By Freelancers.

A recent report has shown that 57 million freelancers in the US represent 35% of the nation's workforce. So, it won't be easy if you don't stand out from the crowd.
Lack of Communication:

Lack of communication refers to a low medium of communication, which ultimately leads to a low number of clients.
Establishing Brand:

Brand Value always matters. Freelancers find it difficult to establish themselves among another vast market of competitive freelancers. This affects acquiring clients.
Insights on New leads
Tracking new leads and turning them into clients is hard, which requires lots of time and effort.
Work-Life Stability
Since you work alone, you will spend most of the time on your business which will not allow you to spend time with your family.

Here Is Why ZealSchedule Is The Best Freelancer's Appointment Scheduling Software

Whether you are an independent freelancer or managing internal freelancers, external freelancers, or any combination of the two, ZealSchedule got you covered. ZealSchedule is designed in such a way that anyone with basic application knowledge can use it.

Remarkable Website

Create an outstanding freelance booking site for your business, from where your clients can book an appointment with you. Make clients with various marketing tools like MailChimp, Social media marketing without the expertise required.

Automated Scheduling

With ZealSchedule, your clients can schedule freelance appointments correctly in available time slots, saving a lot of time without overlapping bookings.

Cloud Storage

All your client information and payment history will be stored safely in the cloud. Receive online payments from your clients via PayPal or Razorpay.

Increase Time Efficiency

ZealSchedule saves a lot of time spent on administration works. Increase productivity with ZealSchedule by automated scheduled appointments at least 22%.

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Frequently asked questions

Is ZealSchedule free?

Yes, ZealSchedule is free for a single user. At the end of your 7-day trial fully-featured trial, you’ll be automatically downgraded to the free plan. Should you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so from the billing page at any point during or after your trial.

Can my customers reschedule their appointment?

Yes, either you or your client can reschedule the appointment, and an automated notification is sent with updated details.

Can staff synchronize the booking into their google calendar?

Yes, your staff can avoid overlapping bookings by aligning all of your calendar entries and blocking the slots.

Can I assign roles to my team?

Yes, with the role based access control feature of ZealSchedule, you can facilitate faster and restrict access based on your organization's individual users' roles.

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