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Dental Clinic Appointment Scheduling Software

Dental clinics make sure that the teeth are healthy. ZealSchedule makes sure that the business is healthy.

Critical Challenges Faced By The Dental Clinic

According to stats, on average, 3 hours is wasted every day on scheduling Dental clinic appointments, reschedules, and cancellations.
Time-consuming Scheduling job: Preparing schedules is a tedious job, mainly when there are many dentists and many patients.
Storing information:

  • Storing information like dental clinic patient profiles, medical history, staff records, and payment history cannot be done without the help of software.

Managing staff Doctors:

  • Making sure that other dental clinic Doctors are also filled with equal amounts of work and ensuring that they are neither overloaded nor underloaded with patients requires a lot of time.

Manual Updation:

  • Keeping track of all the appointments on spreadsheets is a headache, as it involves a lot of time, human resources, and effort. 


  • Many Dental clinics will not have enough time to concentrate on marketing, and they will end up paying massive amounts of money to some 3rd party to manage their promotions.

How does ZealSchedule Take Care Of Your Dental Clinic Appointments?

You don't have to make too and fro phone calls anymore. Since ZealSchedule takes care of all front desk work, it not only saves 3 hours of your time but also reduces the cost of maintaining a front desk.
Integration with workplace calendars like Google and Outlook makes it easier to check availability.

ZealSchedule Appointment Scheduling Software

Billing And Collections

Generate invoices and receive payments safely and securely via PayPal or Razorpay.
No more Excuses! Get paid on time with ZealSchedule by sending reminders. Accept payments through various gateways. 

Business Insights

With the help of Mailchimp, social media marketing, and patient feedback and referrals, take your dental clinic marketing to the next level. ZealSchedule also offers Zoom call integration, where you can conduct online video classes, workshops, give tips to your patients, and much more.

Automated Scheduling

Create your own Dental clinic booking site, from where you can receive appointments, which will be scheduled to you and your staff automatically in the best possible way. And you can also store all your patient information safely on the cloud. Our interface is so simple that you can use it easily without any complications.

60% Increased Bookings

You can receive bookings from various sources like your website, social media accounts, email, etc. Hence will increase your booking by at least 60%.  ZealSchedule also offers Zoom call integration, where you can conduct online video classes, workshops, give tips to your patients, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

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