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Dance studio scheduling software to make your dance classes more vibrant with zestful back-office and customer-focused modules outlined for the maximal customer delights and employee experience. Give your customers the tool for online registrations, processing payments, scheduling, and booking appointments. All you need to do is make your first move, and we will make sure we match your tempo.

The moment a student books an appointment for a dance class, ZealSchedule is available 24/7 to automatically send customized emails and SMS’s about the booking confirmations, cancellations and enables them to reschedule on their own.

ZealSchedule Appointment Scheduling Software
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ZealSchedule lets students book their classes from any device on your customized landing page. Drive traffic from multiple channels by inserting your booking widget in your social media post, add campings, or wherever you wish to. Empower internationally, easily connect with remote/distributed teams worldwide by integrating with seamless, high-quality video conferencing tools.

Why ZealSchedule is the best dance studio management software:
  1. Mange Across Organization: Handle more than one organization from the same account. The multiple organization features of ZealSchedule support gives you centralized access across organizations from a single account.

  2. Collect Fees online: Dynamically collect fees or send ad-hoc invoices easily. Accept online payments through any debit or credit card, or integrate with the payment gateway of your choice PayPal, Stripe and Razorpay.

  3. Manage all your contacts in one place: importing and exporting contacts are made easy through ZealSchedule. 

  4. Set personalized notes: Know your students personally by having a message on their preferences or dancing style. 

Quality of Service

The quality of service is never compromised. Get 24/7 support from our multi-lingual support representative to help you set up your business and implement your ideas. Your data is our concern, and we back up all your data into a real-time encrypted cloud database system, so all your business data are secured and accessible from anywhere. 

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