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Best Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

ZealSchedule offers you all that you need to coordinate your clinic digitally with a cloud-based appointment schedule. An ideal appointment schedule software to manage patient appointments, automate organizational workflows and dynamically allocate doctors for service.

ZealSchedule Appointment Scheduling Software
Know Your BPM

We make sure your heart rate is maintained by prescribing your Business process management. ZealSchedule's insightful dashboard helps you determine, automate and generates reports on the processes to enhance your clinic. You can easily visualize the number of appointments scheduled and cancelled, your monthly recurring revenue and much more.

Balance Your Personal and Professional Life

With a dedicated cloud server, you can store unlimited customer data and boost your service by maintaining their medical Record, Clinical Notes, prescriptions, Treatment Plans, and lab reports, which can be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, our cutting-edge solutions include role-based access control to restrict access based on your organization's individual users' roles.

Appointment Scheduling Software ZealSchedule
Here Is Why ZealSchedule Is The Best Appointment Scheduling Software For Doctors And Hospitals
Incorporate Modern Practice

If you cannot meet the person, meet them in-person. Your patient can easily opt for the online consultation through various video conferencing tools like Zoom or GoogleMeet. With ZealSchedule, your customer no longer needs to ask if their appointment is confirmed.

Appointment Scheduling Software ZealSchedule
Sign Up, With The Free Appointment Scheduling Software For Doctors And Hospitals
  1. Pick your Favourites & Templates: Choose from a vast range of templates or customize the templates the way you want to send Treatment Plans, reports to patients either through emails or SMS.

  2. Automated Reminder: ZealSchedule automatically sends emails and SMS reminders to your patients on their appointment schedule through automated SMS and Email reminders.

  3. Advance Billing: Your patient can quickly pay online through credit or debit cards before they come for an appointment.

  4. Doctors Appointment Tracking: Easily determine the number of appointments scheduled for each of the doctors.

  5. Integrate with 1500+ apps: Choose the application that best suits your businesses, and ZealSchedule will easily blend with it.

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